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Solid fat composed of mixed fatty acids mainly palmitic, stearic and oleic of pale yellow color obtained by pressing the organic cocoa mass. It can be molded in different shapes like blocks, bars x 85 g., wafers, drops and little blocks.


•    Inner plastic bag and corrugated cardboard box.
•    Net weight: 25 Kg.
•    Gross weight: 25.6 Kg.
•    Measurements: 40 x 30 x 25cm
•     Polyethylene bag corrugated carton box.
•    Net weight:
Box x 25 kg
Box 14.96 x 176 bars x 85 g
Box x 15 kg x 30 blocks x 500 g
•    Capacity 20": 20TM
•    Capacity 40": 25TM